Fractured Nose

Noses are easily injured in accidents and sports. Sometimes there is only some bruising and swelling, but sometimes the bones and cartilage are fractured (broken) as well.

At the time of injury there is often some bleeding. Putting on some cold packs can help slow down the bleeding while you are on your way to see a doctor.

You need to see a doctor to have the injury examined. Sometimes there is a trapped collection of blood (called a septal haematoma) which needs to be drained by surgery. Sometimes there are other injuries which need further tests and treatment in a hospital.

Your doctor will advise you if you need to see an Ear, Nose & Throat surgeon and how quickly you need to be seen. Generally it is best you are seen within five (5) days but if there is a septal haematoma you need to be seen within twenty-four hours to plan for urgent operation.

A septal haematoma has to be drained by a small operation (“Drainage of Septal Haematoma”) in hospital and needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent infection. If the nose is bent or crooked an operation called “Manipulation under Anaesthesia of Fractured Nose” can be done in the first seven to ten days before the nose heals in the bent or crooked position.

Other operations including “Septoplasty” and “Septorhinoplasty” may be helpful but it is better for the swelling and inflammation to settle down first.

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